The ship’s compressed air system provides compressed air for generators, main engine start-up and submarine door debris removal, and other places on-board that need compressed air.

The main uses of compressed air in marine applications:

1. Starting the engine
Compressed air is used on ocean-going ships as a powerful and storable energy source for starting large diesel engines. Although air is used at a lower pressure (<150psi), it is usually stored at a higher pressure for compact storage to allow enough volume for multiple start-up attempts.

2. Control and instrument air
There are many systems and processes on board that require compressed air. Engine emission monitoring systems, throttle controls, control valves and tool air are just a few of the many uses and applications of compressed air on-board.

3. Inert gas (Nitrogen)
Ships that use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel source or transport LNG need to cover their fuel tanks with nitrogen to prevent the possibility of explosion. Instead of bringing nitrogen tanks on board, it makes more sense to generate nitrogen on site.

Image Credit: Kirill Petropavlov

When untreated compressed gas is used directly, it may cause malfunctions, this is particularly risky in the marine offshore industry, where Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) are top priority. Therefore, it is critical to maintain the compressed air treatment system of a ship’s pneumatic system.

Airfilter Engineering (AFE) offers you solutions for clean, dry and technically oil free compressed air and gas. AFE produces a range of high-quality compressed air treatment products to meet the various recommendations of the ISO 8573 air quality standard. Offering protection against contaminants, you can achieve clean, dry and efficient air with AFE.

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