Air Audit Equipment

Optimise your compressed air network to reduce energy consumption, lower operating expenses and ensure high-quality compressed air.

When compressed air installations are not optimised – it often results in unnecessary increases in operational cost due to energy wastage and underutilisation. A compressed air system audit, either done in-house or by an independent third party, is an accurate analysis process to get an up to date picture of your compressed air system, to identify areas of energy loss or inefficiencies within the system.

Main areas of concern in a compressed air audit include:

  • Sizing of compressed air systems
  • Level of compressed air treatment
  • Energy consumption
  • Distribution system
  • Efficiency and Wastage

Accurate measurement of the compressed air system.

Recycle, utilise energy efficiently & reduce energy wastage.

Detect trapping of unused energy & solve energy inefficiencies.

With AFE’s range of equipment you can continuously measure and monitor your compressed air network to ensure efficient use of energy and optimised production operations.

AFE offers a comprehensive range of equipment required for an air audit exercise:

  • Dew point meter
  • Particle counter
  • Oil vapour measurement
  • Flow meter
  • Pressure meter
  • Differential pressure meter
  • Leak detector
  • Energy meter

Interested in
optimising your operational efficiency?

Though we sell audit equipment parts itself, it is recommended to conduct third party independent compressed air system audits periodically. AFE offers both the sale of audit equipment worldwide as well as a Compressed Air System Audit Services throughout Singapore & Malaysia.

Our engineers are experts in conducting audit surveys and monitoring compressed air distribution; offering recommendations and solutions to improve operational performance, increase energy efficiencies and help realise cost saving opportunities.

Reach out to us today.

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