About Us

Delivering reliable solutions for a Clean and Dry Compressed Air Network.

Producing quality compressed air treatment products since 1993.

Airfilter Engineering (AFE) began its journey in 1993 with a mission of becoming a leading manufacturer in compressed air treatment products. In line with AFE’s German and Malaysian roots, we strive for precision, innovation and quality in all that we do. Our core values drive us to offer the global market affordable compressed air treatment solutions, whilst upholding the highest quality standards to meet the industry specific requirements for clean, dry and technically oil-free compressed air and gas.

AFE initially set forth to produce compressed air filters and elements mainly for the domestic market. Since then, AFE has evolved as ISO9001 certified manufacturer – designing, developing and manufacturing a full suite of compressed air and gas treatment products, including compressed air filters, dryers, elements, separators, adsorbers, condensate drains, gas generators and more. AFE offers both components and complete systems to ensure that the stringent air quality requirements of our customers’ production facilities are met.

Building on 28 years of experience, we continue to develop our product range to meet market growth and demands. With an innovative approach, we strive to continuously improve the characteristics, performance and quality of our products. Today AFE’s products are proven technically advanced, energy-efficient and effective.

From its humble beginnings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the AFE Group now serves the global market through our operations in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Germany, supported by our manufacturing facilities in Germany and Malaysia. With German engineers at the helm of our business we continue building trust with our customers worldwide by offering reliable compressed air solutions. Through our global distributor network and close ties with multinational Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), our products are appreciated globally by customers in over 45 countries.

Recognising production flexibility as one of our key strengths, at Airfilter Engineering, we pride ourselves in offering customisable solutions and delivering quality you can count on, regardless of industry or application. Our team of experts are ever ready to help you evaluate and optimise your compressed air network.

Our Benefits

Delivering reliable, affordable and effective compressed air treatment solutions since 1993.

Private Labelling

We work closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and to supply them with customised and private label products.

Customisable Solutions

From designing custom dryers to producing specific filter elements, our team of engineers are ready to help meet your filtration needs.

Friendly & Efficient Service

Through offices and production facilities in Europe and Asia, AFE ensures customers a quick response, guaranteed product supply and delivery efficiency.

Rigorous Quality Control

AFE products are tested and validated in accordance to international standards by reputable independent institutes.

Certified Performance

An ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer audited by LRQA. Our products are PED 2014/68/EU compliant and carry the CE mark.

Full-scope Engineering & Design

We provide integrated services and support OEM companies during all development processes including design, testing and production.