NITROPURE Nitrogen Generators

Generate your own uninterrupted Nitrogen supply on-site and achieve up to 99.99% purity with NITROPURE – AFE’s self-generating PSA system.

Nitrogen (N2) gas accounts for about 78% of our normal atmospheric air. This non-toxic inert gas has found applications in many industrial processes including for purging, inerting, blanketing, flushing and other applications where the presence of oxygen is not desirable.

NITROPURE is a simple on-site pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system which provides a reliable and convenient alternative to the conventional nitrogen supply from gas cylinders. The self-generating system is capable of purifying compressed air to achieve nitrogen purity of up to 99.99%, depending on your specific requirements.

Increase flexibility and cost-effectiveness with NITROPURE and generate your own nitrogen supply on-site where and when you need it – without compromising on quality.

Looking for a new custom Nitrogen generator?

AFE’s gas generation system are custom built for each application to meet the user’s exact purity, pressure and flow requirements. Key in your specific requirements below and send us a quick enquiry.

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Pressure Swing Absorption

The carbon molecular sieves of the reliable PSA system ensure continuous 24/7 Nitrogen supply with 95% to 99.99% purity and no loss due to evaporation. Never risk production breakdown due to nitrogen supply shortage again.

Plug & Perform

Easily installed into your existing compressed air network, the simple system provides a secure and flexible supply of Nitrogen gas whenever you need it – in the desired purity, without cumbersome storage or logistics.

Cost-effective Solutions

With minimal operating and maintenance expenses, you can generate your own independent nitrogen supply without rental charges, refills or transport costs. Requiring minimal maintenance, you can expect a quick return on investment.

Looking for a reliable, secure and cost-effective supply of nitrogen?

NITROPURE offers you the ultimate solution - flexible on-site production of industrial gas; generate as little or as much nitrogen gas as needed; at a fraction of delivered gas cost. Interested in the return on investment (ROI) for installing a on-site Nitrogen generator? Contact us for more information.

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