Point-Of-Use Adsorbers

Simple yet effective POU Adsorbers for removal of oil or water vapour at the specific point of application - as and when you need it.

Our POU Adsorbers offer maximum removal of either oil vapour or water vapour at your point of application from the compressed air network. The unit is normally installed at the point of use and consist of a vessel with a replaceable cartridge. Depending on your requirements it can either be filled with either activated carbon for oil vapour removal down to 0.003 mg/m³ or desiccant for water vapour removal with pressure dew point down to -40°C.


Easy Maintenance

Replaceable activated carbon or desiccant cartridges are convenient to use and easy to maintain to ensure clean & dry air wherever you need.

Air Purity

Guarantee air purity for your point-of-use applications with maximum oil vapour removal and zero humidity.

Optimum Performance

Integrated pre and post filtration for optimum results – install a H-grade fine coalescing filter at the inlet side of the adsorber for optimum results.

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