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Manufacturing a wide range of compressed air purification products, they can be customised to meet customers' specific requirements and relevant international codes or standards.

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Our products meet the industries’ specific requirements for clean, dry and technically oil-free compressed air and gas.

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Explore our range of compressed air and gas purification products for different requirements and applications.

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Why should you trust us with your compressed air filtration needs?

AFE Group are ISO-certified and comply with stringent international testing standards to ensure safety and reliability.

Our products are reliable and provide results. Explore our product galleries to learn how our solutions can resolve your challenges.

Our certified technicians find individual solutions. Maintain your compressed air network to increase efficiency, minimise downtime and maximise productivity.


Compressed air solutions for every Industry.

In many semiconductor and electronics industries, compressed air is often used in sensitive high-tech equipment to process and manufacture electronic components. Contamination of compressed air can lead to costly complications.

As an important energy source for industrial products, compressed air has a wide range of applications in various manufacturing industries and is known today as the "Fourth Utility" in the manufacturing industry.

Before entering the co-generators or distribution lines, biogas must be appropriately dried and filtered to maximise the energy yield from the biogas, as well as to protect the system from corrosion. That’s where AFE’s compressed air purification products come in.

The core functions of compressed air system in railway include trains breaks systems, suspensions, doors and various other equipment. AFE offers a variety of reliable solutions for trouble-free operations.

In the chemical industry, toxic, corrosive and unstable gases are common parts of the production process, making the requirements for compressed air quality strict. This is vital to maintain product purity, to ensure customers the highest quality chemicals.

The ship’s compressed air system provides compressed air for generators, main engine start-up, submarine door debris removal, and other places on-board that need compressed air.


Tue, 12 October 21

Introducing AFE's latest product - the IoT Remote Monitoring Solution - which utilises cloud connectivity to enable remote monitoring of our desiccant dryers. So far, we’ve received an encouraging response from our customers – many whom are curious as to how IoT cloud connectivity can improve their factory’s compressed air operations.

Fri, 27 August 21

With the pandemic in 2020-2021 impacting businesses worldwide, AFE is grateful to our loyal customers for their continuous support through these difficult times. Despite sporadic lockdowns, our offices in Malaysia, Singapore, China & Germany continue their operations, and remain open to orders and enquiries.

Wed, 30 June 21

Untreated compressed air is naturally dirty, oily and moist. It may contain impurities such as solid particles  liquid and oil aerosols, oil vapours and microorganisms. Find out how these contaminants can harm industrial machinery down the line.

Thu, 31 May 18

Our first industrial size on-site nitrogen gas generator was commissioned last quarter of 2017 for a palm oil refinery in Malaysia. Rated for 99% purity, the system is capable of generating 200 m3/h of nitrogen gas. The customer was previously buying commercial liquid cryogenic nitrogen and the decision to invest in their own on-site nitrogen gas generator was made after reviewing the advantages of our NITROPURE system.

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