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Why compressed air purification? Compressor alone is not enough. In most cases, untreated compressed air is naturally dirty, oily and wet. This condition is certainly not desirable for industrial applications and could directly or indirectly lead to the following situations.

       Reduction in efficiency of expensive pneumatic tools & machineries

          Frequent costly maintenance of pneumatic tools & machineries

          Lost of production hours with increased machines down time

          High rejection rate of products

          Inability to meet delivery deadlines

          Unsatisfied customers

Hence compressed air needs to be purified or treated before they can be efficiently utilised. With the increasing popularity of compressed air as an alternative source of utility for today’s modern production facilities, it is essential that you select the most suitable compressed air treatment systems for your plant and budget this relatively small investment into your operations to avoid daily problems with untreated compressed air which could eventually lead to expensive additional operating expenses and loss businesses. 

AIRFILTER ENGINEERING offers you solutions for clean, dry and technically oil free compressed air and gas. Our products are well priced, with proven quality and performance. We produce a wide range of products for treatment of your compressed air and gas systems to meet the various recommendations of the ISO8573. Please click on the product links for more information.

Our products are factory checked and tested by our QC Department for integrity and safety, and our team of engineers ensure that our products are continuously improved and are in compliance to relevant international standards as well as local authorities.

We understand that our standard range of products may not always completely meet customer's requirements and therefore we offer the option to customise our products in various possible ways to meet their specific requirements, with private labelling if necessary.

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