About Us


AIRFILTER ENGINEERING was established more than 20 years ago in Malaysia as a manufacturer of compressed air and gas purification products. The company started in 1993 with production of compressed air filters and elements, selling mainly to the small domestic market. Today Airfilter Engineering is recognised globally as a manufacturer of high quality products which include filters, dryers, elements, separators, adsorbers, condensate drain, gas generators and others. These products meet the industries specific requirements for clean, dry and technically oil free compressed air and gas; conforming to the recommendations of the ISO8573 for air quality and complying with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directives (PED 2014/68/EU) and various other international standards.

AIRFILTER ENGINEERING, an ISO9001 company certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), is situated about a half an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre, and close to Port Klang. The factory is fully equipped for production processes relevant to our products, with minimal out-sourced activities for better co-ordination and quality control. Production facilities in Germany was set up in 2017. Our prodcuts are always inspected and tested for quality and safety before they are packed and delivered to our customers.

The company maintains a team of engineers who are responsible to regularly check and ensure our products comply with latest relevant international standards and to continuously implement improvements to the features, performance and quality of our products. New product ranges are introduced from time to time based on market feedbacks and requirements.

AIRFILTER ENGINEERING products are marketed worldwide through our global distributor network, together with our subsidiary office in Germany and associated offices in Malaysia and Singapore. We also work closely with machinery original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), example compressor and dryer manufacturers, supplying them with customised and privately labelled products.

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